A class for creating random secret keys. This class will do its best to create a random secret key that‘s as secure as possible, using whatever methods are available on the current platform. For example:

  generator = Rails::SecretKeyGenerator("some unique identifier, such as the application name")
  generator.generate_secret     # => "f3f1be90053fa851... (some long string)"

This class is deprecated in Rails 2.2 in favor of ActiveSupport::SecureRandom. It is currently a wrapper around ActiveSupport::SecureRandom.

Public Class methods
    # File railties/lib/rails_generator/secret_key_generator.rb, line 14
14:     def initialize(identifier)
15:     end
Public Instance methods

Generate a random secret key with the best possible method available on the current platform.

    # File railties/lib/rails_generator/secret_key_generator.rb, line 19
19:     def generate_secret
20:       ActiveSupport::SecureRandom.hex(64)
21:     end