Classes and Modules
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::Base
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::Create
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::Destroy
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::List
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::RewindBase
Class Rails::Generator::Commands::Update
Public Class methods

Even more convenient access to commands. Include Commands in the generator Base class to get a nice command instance method which returns a delegate for the requested command.

    # File railties/lib/rails_generator/commands.rb, line 20
20:       def self.included(base)
21:         base.send(:define_method, :command) do |command|
22:           Commands.instance(command, self)
23:         end
24:       end
instance(command, generator)

Here‘s a convenient way to get a handle on generator commands. Command.instance(‘destroy’, my_generator) instantiates a Destroy delegate of my_generator ready to do your dirty work.

    # File railties/lib/rails_generator/commands.rb, line 13
13:       def self.instance(command, generator)
14:         const_get(command.to_s.camelize).new(generator)
15:       end