Provides a set of methods for making it easier to debug Rails objects.

Public Instance methods

Returns a YAML representation of object wrapped with <pre> and </pre>. If the object cannot be converted to YAML using to_yaml, inspect will be called instead. Useful for inspecting an object at the time of rendering.


  @user ={ :username => 'testing', :password => 'xyz', :age => 42}) %>
  # =>
  <pre class='debug_dump'>--- !ruby/object:User
  &nbsp; updated_at:
  &nbsp; username: testing

  &nbsp; age: 42
  &nbsp; password: xyz
  &nbsp; created_at:
  attributes_cache: {}

  new_record: true
    # File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/debug_helper.rb, line 27
27:       def debug(object)
28:         begin
29:           Marshal::dump(object)
30:           "<pre class='debug_dump'>#{h(object.to_yaml).gsub("  ", "&nbsp; ")}</pre>".html_safe
31:         rescue Exception => e  # errors from Marshal or YAML
32:           # Object couldn't be dumped, perhaps because of singleton methods -- this is the fallback
33:           "<code class='debug_dump'>#{h(object.inspect)}</code>".html_safe
34:         end
35:       end