This helper to exposes a method for caching of view fragments. See ActionController::Caching::Fragments for usage instructions.

Public Instance methods
cache(name = {}, options = nil, &block)

A method for caching fragments of a view rather than an entire action or page. This technique is useful caching pieces like menus, lists of news topics, static HTML fragments, and so on. This method takes a block that contains the content you wish to cache. See ActionController::Caching::Fragments for more information.


If you wanted to cache a navigation menu, you could do the following.

  <% cache do %>
    <%= render :partial => "menu" %>
  <% end %>

You can also cache static content…

  <% cache do %>
     <p>Hello users!  Welcome to our website!</p>
  <% end %>

…and static content mixed with RHTML content.

   <% cache do %>
     <%= render :partial => "topics", :collection => @topic_list %>
     <i>Topics listed alphabetically</i>
   <% end %>
    # File actionpack/lib/action_view/helpers/cache_helper.rb, line 34
34:       def cache(name = {}, options = nil, &block)
35:         @controller.fragment_for(output_buffer, name, options, &block)
36:       end